Breedon Sessions e​.​p.

by Chris Davidson



A chance to sample Sunlight Factory, four tracks recorded at Breedon studios. The songs are strong on melody and feeling, emphasised by the soaring vocals of Chris Davidson and his anthemic melodies, The sound is based around a big drum sound, electric guitar and fat riffy bass.


released May 20, 2013

Written by C Davidson, performed by Sunlight Factory



all rights reserved


Chris Davidson Gloucestershire, UK

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Track Name: Broken

Damn I thought you were real
Now they saying I was wrong
When all you need is someone on your side
To help protect your favourite disguise

Oh the summer was short
Giving way to all kinds of rain
You wont believe the dreams that I dreamed
On my way back to the real

To someone like me
Who’s broken
Someone like me
So broken

Mad I must have been so
I bathed in the poisoned glow
When all I really needed was a friend
Even if the friend is pretend

Come on don’t be such a bore
We’ll duck into the town to score
All you really need is an excuse
Or failing that a noose


The sun will rise, but not with smiles
The day will shine, but it will not be fine
We’ll build a fire and burn the town
The we’ll jump in the flames
Track Name: Sick Leave

It’s a beautiful day
It’s a wonderful life
Papers predicts that fortunes will rise

The streets are a buzz
With hedonist smiles
Production will grow
Hail the good times

It goes round and around
Like a clock in mind
Faces are blurred
And your words are a lie
Remember the torture
And savour the strain
As we stand together
Alone In poisonous rain

And now I lye awake
And my hands they shake
The taste of raw metal
Occupies my tongue

Until you see yourself through eyes sore and red
Until you find yourself somewhere in your head
Until your dreams are filled with all the things you’ve said
Until the ground is sinking everywhere you tread
Until the endx2
Track Name: Curve

The twist of my mistakes, the subtle knife with blood upon its blade
The everlasting war that we have waged….on our dreams
The curve of conscious thought, refracted light that bends around the source
Of all our very best and all our worst….episodes
And now its comes to this, a simple move, a pawn becomes a queen,
Its everything you want, its all you need…and its here

Well this is it, so brace yourselves…its coming x3
A million souls, speak as one….they’re calling x3
And real life is just too much to bare, do you still care enough

The book, the film its mine
I only have to sign on the line, they say that only ten people died…..for this deal
Oh she would spread like Asian flu upon my every whim, what I could do if I was just a bit more like you….but I’m not