by Chris Davidson




The twist of my mistakes, the subtle knife with blood upon its blade
The everlasting war that we have waged….on our dreams
The curve of conscious thought, refracted light that bends around the source
Of all our very best and all our worst….episodes
And now its comes to this, a simple move, a pawn becomes a queen,
Its everything you want, its all you need…and its here

Well this is it, so brace yourselves…its coming x3
A million souls, speak as one….they’re calling x3
And real life is just too much to bare, do you still care enough

The book, the film its mine
I only have to sign on the line, they say that only ten people died…..for this deal
Oh she would spread like Asian flu upon my every whim, what I could do if I was just a bit more like you….but I’m not

Oh for the ones that I used to make
Oh for those perfect mistakes
Like you


released May 20, 2013
Written by C Davidson, performed by Sunlight Factory



all rights reserved


Chris Davidson Gloucestershire, UK

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