Sick Leave

by Chris Davidson




It’s a beautiful day
It’s a wonderful life
Papers predicts that fortunes will rise

The streets are a buzz
With hedonist smiles
Production will grow
Hail the good times

It goes round and around
Like a clock in mind
Faces are blurred
And your words are a lie
Remember the torture
And savour the strain
As we stand together
Alone In poisonous rain

And now I lye awake
And my hands they shake
The taste of raw metal
Occupies my tongue

Until you see yourself through eyes sore and red
Until you find yourself somewhere in your head
Until your dreams are filled with all the things you’ve said
Until the ground is sinking everywhere you tread
Until the endx2


released May 20, 2013
Written by C Davidson, Preformed by Sunlight Factory



all rights reserved


Chris Davidson Gloucestershire, UK

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